NPP Supremo urges Pak PM-Designate to respond to call of history to build bridges of peace between Islamabad & DelhiNPP Supremo urges Pak PM-Designate to respond to call of history to build bridges of peace between Islamabad & Delhi

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council has urged in a letter addressed to Janab Mian Nawaz Sharief, the Prime Minister-Designate of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to respond to call of history to build bridges of peace between Islamabad and New Delhi so that the Indian sub-continent shall lead the peace process in response to the aspirations of the people of India and Pakistan.
In his letter to Janab Nawaz Sharief, the NPP Supremo demanded the release of all Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails. He urged the Prime Minister-Designate that about 30 prisoners who have completed their sentences in Pakistani jails should be repatriated to India without any delay. He also said that those who have completed their sentences need to be repatriated without any condition. He also hoped that Janab Nawaz Sharief may take steps to repatriate all Indian prisoners who have completed five years in Pakistani jails and take steps that trials of the remaining prisoners (about 300 of them except fishermen) are completed within one year.
He said in his letter that the Supreme Court of India has directed Govt. of India to expedite the trials of all the Pakistani and other foreign prisoners and should be completed within one year. He said that Supreme Court of India has directed the Govt. of India to release all Pakistani prisoners (all foreign prisoners) immediately who have completed their respective sentences in the Indian jails. More than 300 of them have already been released in the past three years by the direction of the Supreme Court of India on the writ petitions filed by the Panthers Party, State Legal Aid Committee & other representatives of the Panthers Party. The NPP Supremo also urged the Prime Minister-Designate to take appropriate steps for the identification of about 29 Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails, most of them in Amritsar jail who are under medical care being declared as ‘mentally challenged’. They have completed their sentences and there are no cases pending against them in India.
Prof. Bhim Singh has also urged the PM-designate of Pakistan to find a reasonable mechanism so that the residents of both sides J&K may cross LoC/LAC with passports issued by the their respective sides India and Pakistan. This will be a great gesture to the residents of the both sides of J&K to move across the LAC without much problem. This is the only way to make LOC/LAC irrelevant.
The letter addressed by Prof. Bhim Singh to Janab Nawaz Sharief today has been reproduced below:-
“The nature has granted your honour a great opportunity in the history to build bridges of peace between Islamabad and New Delhi. These are the aspirations of the people of both sides of the international borders that people of Pakistan and India live in peace and harmony in the same way they had been living for hundreds of years before 1947. Ten years of your struggle combined with unprecedented patience and new imagination to rebuild roads to democracy in Pakistan shall remain an everlasting page in the political history. The nature has played a unique role and this is the time that you have to write the second chapter to build new bridges of peace between Islamabad and New Delhi.
We are all aware about the new challenges before you in the coming years as the Prime Minister of Pakistan but we are also aware about the determination God has vested in you to continue the battle for peace, development and cooperation.
The political scenario in Gilgit-Baltistan and Muzaffrabad may attract your first attention. LoC/LAC in J&K is an extraordinary situation which can be resolved with confidence and realization of the existing realities of the present combinations and permutations prevailing in Asia and in the sub-continent.
‘Wisdom lies in daring’ and you have demonstrated it on record by the declaring to constitute a commission of inquiry on the ‘Kargil war’ of 1999. Your visit to the USA before you were overthrown needs to be brought to the notice of the people of Pakistan. It was your courageous decision not to allow Pentagon (US Army) to settle in Baltistan. You realized the consequences, refused to budge an inch even at the cost of your life and power. It is important for India and Pakistan to understand that ‘Dixon Plan’ is a serious threat to the security of both, India and Pakistan. The US has not given up her designs to settle their military bases on the foothill of Himalayas to keep watch over China. This game plan you did not allow in 1999. And I am sure you shall keep it up so that the roots of democracy are entrenched well on the soil of Pakistan, so that the elected representatives shall not face expulsions, exiles and jails at the hands of unconstitutional authorities.
I would like to suggest that the first message that you may send from Islamabad across the international borders to the people of India should touch the hearts of common people. There are more than 300 Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails. Those who have completed more than five years as under trials or as convicts may be given General Amnesty and repatriate to their homes. There are about 30 Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails who have exhausted their sentences and deserve to be repatriated without delay. This will be a great gesture to the people of both the countries. The trials of the rest of the Indian prisoners can be expedited. If your government permits, the State Legal Aid Committee, I heading in India shall take take care of their defence.
As far Pakistani prisoners in the Indian jails, I have been fighting for their release in the Apex Court, the Supreme Court of India for the past 10 years. More than 300 of Pakistani (including POK) prisoners have been released by the orders of the Supreme Court of India on petitions filed by me, the Panthers Party or State Legal Aid Committee. There are 264 Pakistani prisoners (excluding fishermen) in the Indian jails. Most of them had come with guns to J&K and you know for what. I am sure that most of the Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails may be released by the court this year. In the Indian Constitution, there is Article 21 of the Constitution of India which guarantees fundamental right to life and liberty to every person and any person (irrespective of his/her nationality or home). The Supreme Court of India has been intervening under this Article that ensured the release of foreign prisoners who had completed their sentences. During my visit to Pakistan in 2007, several parents, of the prisoners in the Indian jails met me at Press Club of Islamabad seeking my legal support for the release of their wards. I was amazed to find a large banner in Urdu hanging on the wall of the Press Club reading ‘Bhim Singh Insaan Nahin, Farishta Hai’. This message from the suffering parents of the Pakistani prisoners in India gave to me was very strong as it was the voice of the voiceless parents whose children were suffering in Indian jails.
I assure you, Nawaz Sharief sahib that your unconditional gesture in this regard shall open the windows of hope for the Pakistani prisoners in India also. Punjab Govt. has appointed a Judicial Committee to probe the murder of Sarabjit Singh. Equity demands that similar probe into the death of Chamel Singh of Jammu, the Indian prisoner in Lahore Jail should be instituted in the interest of justice and rule of law.
I also hope that you may consider my suggestion that residents of both sides of J&K should be allowed to visit the respective sites with valid passports of the respective countries across the LAC/LoC. This will provide a great relief to the residents of both sides of J&K. Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, had declared long ago that he would like to see the LAC/LoC turned irrelevant. We all are waiting for your humane respond in this regard, after you take over as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, with the grace of God, for the third time.
Hopefully I shall see you in Islamabad, if I am lucky to get visa for Pakistan on the day of your installation as Prime Minister.”