NPP Supremo urged PM for his urgent intervention to rescue earthquake affected residents of Doda, Chenani

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council (NIC) urged Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh for his urgent intervention to save the lives of thousands of earthquake affected residents of erstwhile Doda District who have been facing tremours since 1st May, 2013. In his most immediate letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, Prof. Bhim Singh demanded that a Central Team to study the situation and provide quick relief to the suffering people in the Districts of Doda and Kishtwar should be dispatched. He urged the Prime Minister to send a monitoring team so that the relief provided by the Central government should reach the affected persons directly lest the corrupt government fails the Centre efforts to help the people of the area.
Prof. Bhim Singh also sought the intervention of the Prime Minister to provide adequate compensation, relief and security to the petty farmers of Chenani (Lower Mada) whose houses have been damaged or devastated by the criminal negligence of M/s.   Leighton Welspul Contractors Pvt. Ltd., Lower Mada, Chenani. He has accused the coalition government for robbing and cheating the farmers.
The letter addressed to the Prime Minister by Prof. Bhim Singh is reproduced as under:-
“The residents of erstwhile Doda District have been under the wrath of nature since May 1, 2013 when earthquake shook most of the areas in the District on May 1, 2013. It was nearly a similar situation that brought disaster in Karnah Tehsil of Tangdhar area in the Kupwara District in 2005.
A team of JKNPP led by its President, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA visited several earthquake affected areas yesterday. Another team led by Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah, MLC, President Young Panthers also visited several far-flung areas in the Doda District. The reports on the ground situation dispatched by JKNPP leaders suggest that the State government has failed to take measures necessary to provide appropriate relief to the families dislodged from their homes in thousands. The JKNPP team after visiting Bhaderwah, Prem Nagar, Thathri, Doda, Kishtwar (Kishtwar District) have made a strong appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh for his urgent and immediate intervention.
1.    The Hon’ble Prime Minister may be pleased to send a Central Team to the earthquake affected areas without any delay to study the loss of property and take appropriate action to provide adequate relief to the suffering people of the area.
2.    The Hon’ble Prime Minister may be pleased to rush immediate ad-hoc relief to the families turned homeless and shelter less. They need urgent medical care, children need continuity in schooling, thousands need tents to provide them protection from rain and the sun. There is an urgent need provide them ration so that the people may feel mentally, physically and psychologically secured.
3.    Any financial assistance from the Centre should be monitored by a representative of the PMO who should be directed to sit at District Headquarters in Doda & Kishtwar. This may ensure that the assistance meant for the affected people reaches straight to the affected families.
4.    A similar situation has arisen in Chenani Tehsil following the damages caused to the houses and properties of the local residents of Chenani and Mada Panchayats. M/s. Leighton Welspul Contractors Pvt. Ltd., Lower Mada Chenani had acquired the agricultural land of the petty farmers at throw away price with the connivance of the ruling clique. This is very important for every national leader to understand that in J&K a Hindu Joint Family cannot have more than 12 acres of agricultural land. Acquiring that piece has caused a disaster for the family. The compensation to the farmers has to be on different footing all together. The company without paying full compensation started digging the tunnel road to connect the tunnel site leasting realising that the residential houses of the people in the area who belong to erstwhile state of Chenani (This state was founded during the times of Mahabharata and 54 generations ruled the state till 1947). I have represented this state (constituency) for two terms and feel my responsibility to ensure that the people of this area are not robbed of their properties or cheated by the NC-Congress rule which has all along remained hostile to the people of Chenani.
The company started digging process for the road connectivity with criminal intension which has caused a devastating effect to the entire area. Dozen of houses have either collapsed or have been damaged. The residents of the area have been turned homeless and I found them lying on the road side without any assistance from the administration. This is pity that the administration has been working as bonded labour for the company. The company has been behaving as colonial masters. I would like to request to Hon’ble Prime Minister to intervene so that appropriate compensation is paid to the farmers for their agricultural land, the only source of their survival. The company should be made to pay appropriate compensation to the families who have been dislodged from their houses because of the criminal negligence of the company.
I hope and trust that justice shall be delivered to the voiceless people of  the area.”