BJP should come out what is in their store Instead repeating their negative slogans

This is the time that BJP leadership should have come out with what they have stored for the future of the country. Surprisingly, in half a century, Jan Sangh converted into Janata Party and then baptized as Bhartiya Janata Party has not learnt a lesson from the history, instead, have been going on with burning of effigies, shouting negative slogans, asking for resignation of the government or its ministers.” This was Prof. Bhim Singh in his statement accused the BJP for demanding resignation of the Prime Minister without spelling out the alternatives in the given situation.
He said that the BJP leadership has failed to come out with a viable solution to deal with our relations with our neighbourers. Nor BJP has any programme to seek just solution to our domestic problem. The BJP was demanding resignation from couple of ministers and the Congress accepted. Now BJP is demanding resignation from the Prime Minister least realizing the consequential effects on the political scenario in the country. He said that the BJP workers themselves do not understand the game plan of their leadership.
The BJP having more than 100 MPs in the Lok Sabha has not been able to offer anything to their electorates while being in the Parliament. The people of the country did not send them to the Parliament to sit in the well of the house, they were elected to represent the voice of the wretched of the earth and find solutions to the problems created for the poor men by the present system.
Prof. Bhim Singh urged the BJP leaders to put forward their agenda of tomorrow and forget the outdated slogans of yesterday.