NPP supremo tells Nawaz Sharief – Don’t miss opportunity to build bridges of peace between Islamabad & New Delhi

Prof Bhim Singh Member of National integration Council and chief Patron of JKNPP in his congratulatory message to Sri Nawaz Sharief, the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, inshah Allah, on his unexpected victory in the violence torn elections in Pakistan, the Panthers Party Leader hoped that Nawaz Sharief shall work to build bridges of peace between Islamabad and New Delhi forgetting Kargils, his exiles & jails at the hands of the power that be at that time, to respond to the aspirations of his voters and supporters who desire peace and harmony between India and Pakistan.

He urged  the Next prime Minister to take the most human issue of Indian prisoners in Pakista Jails and vice versa. He said that firast thing that Nawaz Sharief Should do is to release all Indian Prisoners, convicted or under trails who have  completed more than 5 years in Paklsirtani jails. He assured that his party has taken the matter of Pak prisoners on the same principal to start with. Secondly residents of POK and J&K should be allowed to travel with passports of the respective countries.

He also counselled Nawaz Sharief  never to go for vindictive politics. In that situation  one forgets his own mission and roadmap.