Israeli attack against Syria condemned UN intervention sought to save peace

National Panthers Party held an emergency executive meeting in the capital to review the situation that has developed in the Middle-East following third aerial attack against Damascus Airport, Syria in utter violation of UN Charter and international laws. Prof. Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who is also Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council sent a strong communication to Mr. Banki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations urging him to convene Security Council Meeting without delay to condemn Israeli aggression and seeking UN Sanctions against Israel in the interest of peace in West Asia.

Prof. Bhim Singh accused United Nations for its double standards vis-à-vis the Middle-East. He said that Israel has never cared for the resolutions of the United Nations and floated all directions of the United Nations to implement Resolution 242, 338 & several others where Israel was directed to withdraw from all Arab lands occupied by Israel in 1948, 1947 & after. Israel continues to occupy Gholan Heights of Syria and several areas of Palestine in violation of UN Resolutions and commands.
The Panthers Party Supremo warned that Syrian crises may lead towards global unrest in case US-backed Israel is not stopped from its interference into the affairs of the bordering states particularly Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt. The Panthers Party demanded suspension of Israel from the UN Membership as it was created illegally by the big powers through the nose of the United Nations in 1947.
The Panthers Party in its assurances to the leadership and the people of Syria conveyed to Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, the President of Syria India’s total support and solidarity. The Panthers Party Supremo also urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to take up the matter with BRICS and NAM countries to ensure that unity, integrity and sovereignty of Syria is not harmed by Israel, USA and their allies.