NPP welcomes CIC decision to make political parties accountable

Prof. Bhim Singh, Founder/Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has welcomed the decision of the CIC (Central Information Commission) to bring all recognized political parties under the hammer of RTI Act. It is very important for the survival of democracy that the tools of democracy are strengthened and made workable to deliver at all times and under all situations.
The parties receiving more than Rs.20,000/- are obliged to mention the parties in their returns filed before the Income Tax Authorities. It will be a great message that the political parties receiving funds from the agencies/individuals from across the borders should realize that the electorates are duly informed of their income. There are several agencies/business houses which have been funding the political parties to take undue advantage from 2Gs to Colgates. This will prove a great check on the politicians lest they blackmail the business houses for their revenue raising campaign.
The Panthers Party Supremo rather demanded that the elections of the recognized political parties should be funded by the state so that open vote-sale shall be checked and the people may cast their votes freely and fearlessly.
Prof. Bhim Singh also demanded strong legislation to ban political parties from receiving money from any source outside the country which will check the flow of the foreign agencies who intend to sabotage democracy in India.
He also appealed to the people and particularly the youth welcome this decision of the CIC in the interest of democracy and rule of law.