NPP Supremo urged PM for urgent intervention for security of Pak-prisoners in Indian jails

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association has urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India for his immediate intervention to ensure the safety and security of the Pakistani prisoners languishing in various Indian jails. Prof. Bhim Singh had warned that reaction might follow and cause concern for the Pakistani prisoners in the Indian jails. Prof. Bhim Singh strongly condemned the Govt. of J&K led by Mr. Omar Abdullah for the lapse of appropriate security to the Pakistani prisoners in the State jails.
In his urgent letter addressed to the Prime Minister Prof. Bhim Singh demanded Prime Minister’s immediate intervention to ensure that security of the Pak or POK prisoners is assured. Prof. Bhim Singh also appealed to the people of India and particularly the youth to keep thousands of years’ high moral and cultural values of India. In the great culture of India no innocent person can be punished for the offence or offences committed by his master or his relatives or countrymen. He said that those prisoners lodged in Indian jails are not responsible for the death of Sarabjit. It was Govt. of Pakistan which needs to be taken care and not a prisoner (Sanaullah) from Sialkote in Kotbhalwal Jail, Jammu. The letter is reproduced as under:-
“I had warned the Govt. of India that the security of the Pakistani prisoners in the Indian jails needs to be tightened keeping in view the sentiments of the people in India following the brutal murder of Sarabjit Singh in Lahore prison.
The Panthers Party has strongly condemned the brutal assassination of Sarabjit Singh inside his condemned cell in Lahore prison. I would like to request your honour to take appropriate action so that the Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails may feel secured and safe.
Besides, there was every likelihood of reaction in the Indian jails against the Pakistani and POK prisoners. What happened in Kotbhalwal Jail, Jammu this morning could have been avoided had the government of J&K taken appropriate preventive steps? I urged the Hon’ble Prime Minister for his urgent intervention to ensure the safety of the prisoners in Indian jails where they have been detained even after having completed their respective sentences. I am looking after the cases pending in the Supreme Court of India for the release of over 200 Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails. I have been receiving continues calls from Pakistan and other countries requesting to take up the matter on the security of Pakistani prisoners.
Hon’ble Prime Minister India is the largest democracy in the world with a million years depth of its civilization and culture. The people of India are proud of their cultural heritage and generally do not believe in vengeance or in violence against the innocent people. This appeal should emanate from the Prime Minister to the people and particularly the youth to exercise restrain on their emotions so that no innocent person is harmed in India. It is the Govt. of Pakistan which is responsible for the brutal assassination of Sarabjit and not the Pakistani prisoners lodged in the Indian jails. This wave of hatred which was let loose in 1947 must come to an end so that Indian sub-continent may breath cool air so that the present and next generations may live in peace and human dignity.
What is happened in Kotbhalwal Jail against a Pakistani prisoner deserves all condemnations and the action must be taken against the Omar Abdullah’s government which cannot be absolved of its vicarious responsibility.
I hope and trust that prompt action in this regard may be taken particularly in the jails where Pakistani prisoners are lodged, many of whom, are awaiting repatriation as directed by the Supreme Court on the writ petition filed by the State Legal Aid Committee.
The sensitive jails include Amritsar, Sangroor, Kotbhalwal, Naini (Allahabad), Central Jail Lucknow, Tihar Jail, Central Jail Jodhpur.”