Panthers activists protest in front of Pak High Commission Burn Pak Government’s effigy

Several Panthers Party activists held a strong protest in front of Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi condemning Pakistani leadership and the ISI for the brutal and outrageous murder of Sarabjit Singh inside the condemned cell in Lakhpat Jail, Lahore last week. The Panthers Party activists urged Govt. of India to take appropriate and just action against this murder of Sarabjit who had been languishing for 23 years in Lahore Jail under a mistaken identity. Those who participated in the protest M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Om Kishan, Afzal Khan, Sushil Khanna, Sanjay Kumar, Jitesh Kumar, Irfan Hussein, Mohd. Nabi, Balwinder Khosla, Gyan Singh Gyan, Vishnu Gupta, S. Baaj Singh and others.IMG_2038
In the meanwhile Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief of National Panthers Party & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) urged the President of Pakistan to bring the culprits to justice who have been guilty of outrageous murder of a helpless prisoner inside the condemned cell. Prof. Bhim Singh in his communication to the President of Pakistan accused the ISI to manage murder of Sarabjit who had been condemned unheard in Pakistan. According to the communication some persons armed with iron rods, bricks, cutters entered the condemned cell where he was sleeping in the middle of the night. The cell was unlocked and the culprits were allowed to enter and attack Sarabjit in sleep. His skull was broken and throat razored by the culprits. Sarabjit was brought dead to the hospital. Prof. Bhim Singh has urged the Prime Minister of India to take up this matter before the Criminal Court of United Nations to seek justice.
The Panthers Party leader has warned India that the party shall move the International Court of Justice in the Hague in case Indian leadership failed.
The Panthers Party activists held massive protest against Pakistan in Jammu, Lucknow, Jaipur and other places.