Historic JKNPP Leadership Camp at Jammu pledges Samool Kranti

A historic Leadership Training Camp of J&K National Panthers Party was held today at Jammu under the chairmanship of Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA, former Education Minister and Chairman of the party. Prof Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of the party was the Chief Guest at the occasion. Prominent persons who participated in the restricted entry training camp included M/s. JKNPP President, Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA, its General Secretary, Yashpaul Kundal, MLA, MLC Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah besides Senior Members of the Secretariat, District Presidents and representatives of Panchayat Empowerment Committee, Women Power, Young Panthers, Panthers Trade Unions and NPSU.
Panthers Party after intensive discussion for eight hours took a pledge to carry out the agenda of the Panthers Party to fight against corruption, communalism, criminalization, drug menace and for ensuring justice and equity to every man every person.
The Panthers Party declared that Reorganization of the State is the only solution to secure resolution of J&K problem. The Training Camp came to the conclusion that neither independence or autonomy nor self rule is the solution to the problems of J&K. It emphatically declared that Reorganization of the State of J&K is the only solution to end terror of 64 years authoritarian rule.
The Panthers Party Leadership Camp also decided to contest all the Assembly seats in J&K as the desire of the people.
The prominent among those who addressed the training camp M/s.  Vice Chairman, B.B. Kotwal, Advocate, General Secretary & Incharge Women Power, Ms. Anita Thakur, Vice Presidents P.K. Ganjoo, S. Daljit Singh, JKNPP President Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLC Syed Mohd. Rafiq Shah, Chairman of the Party Harsh Dev Singh, MLA & Senior Vice President, Young Panthers Pushvinder Singh Manhas,.
Prof. Bhim Singh declared that the JKNPP shall be reorganized at every constituency level so that the message and agenda of the party shall reach every home and every person.

Legal Fraternity should debate new policy on JAC

“It appears that the political leadership intends to take over the reins of judiciary by bringing the judges in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of their choice. The latest proposal of the Central government to appoint Judicial Appointments Commission with Law Minister with two so-called eminent jurists is fraught with dangers to dilute the judicial authority for political gains by the power that be.” This was stated by Prof. Bhim Singh, a Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association besides being Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee as well as Member of the National Integration Council while reacting to the cabinet note circulated by the Law Ministry.
Prof. Bhim Singh observed that any attempt to interfere with the judiciary shall prove highly counter productive and may give rise to unrest among the elite class also. He called an attempt to empower the government and the Chief Ministers to appoint judges in the High Courts and the Supreme Court shall not be acceptable by the people of this country. He strongly rejected the cabinet note circulated claiming that, “The proposed amendments will provide constitutional backing to the process of consultation through the institution of JAC and will make the process truly participatory between the executive and the judiciary without in any way compromising the independence of the judiciary.” It shall not be Judicial Appointment Commission but a mockery of judicial system unknown in the history of democracy.
Prof. Bhim Singh urged Chief Justice of India to convene a meeting of the representatives of Bar Associations drawn from all the High Courts of India and the Supreme Court so that the matter should be discussed. He agreed with Chief Justice, Altmas Kabir that appointments to the higher judiciary are made after ‘intense deliberations’ and there is no cause to impose the Law Minister and his favourite jurist to dilute the Constitution of the JAC.

Minority Character is constitutional right of Aligarh Muslim University

Addressing a massive students’ rally organized by Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union in Kennedy Hall, AMU this morning, Panthers Party Supremo Prof. Bhim Singh accused Delhi-based politicians of double standards and ignoring the oppressed and the suppressed sections of the people in the rest of the country. Prof. Bhim Singh was the Chief Guest at a special conference of Aligarh Muslim University which held five hours’ long debate in support of restoration of minority status, AMU. Several prominent personalities from different parts of the country participated.
Prof. Bhim Singh regretted that the conference was organized by the students’ union whereas the President of the Union was suspended by the Vice-Chancellor last week. Prof. Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to the Vice-Chancellor to revoke the suspension of Shahazad Alam, the elected President of the Union, without any delay so that the younger generation could also feel the meaning of democracy and rule of law. Several other speakers including M/s. M. Rehmani, Salim Peerzada, Former M.P., Alias Azmi, Shafique-ur-Rehman, Barq M.P. Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib, M. Sherwani (Leader, Old Boys Union), Dr. Maman of Peace Party also addressed the distinguished gathering of students, members of the staff and civil society.
Prof. Bhim Singh accused Mr. Shagla, the ex-Education Minister who had misled Central leaders on the affairs of AMU in 1965.
Mr. M. Sherwani reminded the audience of his great days in Aligarh Jail, which he shared in Aligarh jail for months when 150 students were arrested by the authorities only to shut the voice of AMU to seek justice and equity for the students.  Prof. Bhim Singh with 140 students appeared in their Law Final Exam from behind the bar on the orders of the Allahabad High Court in 1965.

PMO directs J&K for appropriate action to constitute Bar Council

The Prime Minister’s Office has dispatched the representation of Prof. Bhim Singh to the Govt. of J&K in connection with the Constitution of Bar Council in the state. Prof. Bhim Singh had written to Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India seeking his urgent intervention to ensure that democratic process is initiated in J&K legal system by constituting Bar Council in accordance with the Advocates Act, 1961. Prof. Bhim Singh in his letter dated 15.02.2013 brought to the notice of the Prime Minister of India a hidden fact that J&K has not been included in the list of Bar Councils of the States. J&K Bar Council is beaded by the Chief Justice of J&K High Court with the High Court Judges as the members and there was no reason or justification to deprive the advocates in J&K of their basic & constitutional rights to elect and constitute the Bar Council in the State as is being constituted in other states of the country.

Prof. Bhim Singh in his letter further emphasized that “The Parliament has abandoned its authority, under Article 370, to legislate in respect of J&K even when the State stood integrated in 1947. J&K has been kept out of the domain of the Constitution of India. The Constitution of J&K has no chapter on fundamental rights though J&K became integral part in 1947.”

Prof. Bhim Singh during the annual conference of Bar Council of India which he represented as a representative of the Bar Council of Supreme Court has urged the Prime Minister in his letter, “Let the so-called Bar Council of J&K be derecognized without any delay. The steps must be taken to hold elections in accordance with the Advocates Act (as amended) for the Bar Council of J&K.”

In its letter no.1/3/2013-PMP2/32416 dated 20.03.2013, the PMO informed Prof. Bhim Singh that his letter has been sent to the Govt. of J&K for appropriate action. Prof. Bhim Singh when received this letter this morning expressed satisfaction saying that a new chapter is likely to open with the elected Constitution of the Bar Council in J&K.

Musharraf’s candidature from Chitral infringes UN Resolution on POK, Chitral being part of India

Prof. Bhim Singh

Prof. Bhim Singh, Founder of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council besides being a noted jurist in International Law accused Pakistan for attempting to legitimize Pak’s illegal occupation of 1/3rd of the territories of J&K, it occupied in 1947 and after the ceasefire ordered by the United Nations in 1948.
“The former President of Pakistan, Mr. Pervez Musharraf was deliberately brought from exile under the Army pressure to be used to legitimize the Pak-occupation over the territories of Gilgit-Baltistan which formed part of J&K. Chitral and Hunza were constituents of State of J&K under the Dogra Rule. General Baaz Singh was instrumented to annex Gilgit-Baltistan with J&K. Prof. Bhim Singh in his statement dug out the hidden history saying Chitral was a territory of J&K and it became part of the Indian Union in 1947 after the Instrument of Accession was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh on 26th October, 1947. He further stated that, “It was 1857 when the ruler of Chitral Mr. Amman-ul-Mulk, the Jagirdar of Chitral surrendered to the Dogra Army and submitted in a Treaty with the Govt. of the Dogra Maharaja in 1877. Since then Chitral remained an integral part of the State of J&K.” Prof. Bhim Singh said.
The Panthers Party Supremo had protested strongly in London in a protest meeting held at Trafalgar Square, London in 1969 when Pakistan annexed Chitral and declared it a District of Pakistan under the rule of General Jahya Khan in 1969. Prof. Bhim Singh also accused the Central leadership and the Parliament of India for keeping quiet on this act of invasion of Chitral. How a Pakistani national can represent a part of J&K (Chitral) in the National Assembly of Pakistan is a matter to be given a serious thought.
Prof. Bhim Singh urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to take up the issue with the International Court of Justice against this move of Pakistan in violation of the UN Resolution of 13th August, 1948 in which UN had directed Pakistan to vacate all occupied territories of J&K. Pakistan has been exposed of its treachery against the people of J&K in the name of ‘Azadi’, Prof. Bhim Singh observed. On the one hand Pakistan claims that J&K is disputed and on the other hand it declared Chitral (J&K) and Hunza as territories of Pakistan. “This has exposed the dangerous designs of ISI and CIA to implement Dixon Plan in J&K by carving out an Islamic Republic of Kashmir as was exposed by Weakliks the other day.”
Setting up a former Army Chief as a candidate from Chitral (J&K) should not be underestimated by the North and the South Blocks in New Delhi. This is a conspiracy to grab entire POK by the dictators of Pakistan which may prove dangerous for the security of India and threaten global peace.