Legal Fraternity should debate new policy on JAC

“It appears that the political leadership intends to take over the reins of judiciary by bringing the judges in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of their choice. The latest proposal of the Central government to appoint Judicial Appointments Commission with Law Minister with two so-called eminent jurists is fraught with dangers to dilute the judicial authority for political gains by the power that be.” This was stated by Prof. Bhim Singh, a Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association besides being Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee as well as Member of the National Integration Council while reacting to the cabinet note circulated by the Law Ministry.
Prof. Bhim Singh observed that any attempt to interfere with the judiciary shall prove highly counter productive and may give rise to unrest among the elite class also. He called an attempt to empower the government and the Chief Ministers to appoint judges in the High Courts and the Supreme Court shall not be acceptable by the people of this country. He strongly rejected the cabinet note circulated claiming that, “The proposed amendments will provide constitutional backing to the process of consultation through the institution of JAC and will make the process truly participatory between the executive and the judiciary without in any way compromising the independence of the judiciary.” It shall not be Judicial Appointment Commission but a mockery of judicial system unknown in the history of democracy.
Prof. Bhim Singh urged Chief Justice of India to convene a meeting of the representatives of Bar Associations drawn from all the High Courts of India and the Supreme Court so that the matter should be discussed. He agreed with Chief Justice, Altmas Kabir that appointments to the higher judiciary are made after ‘intense deliberations’ and there is no cause to impose the Law Minister and his favourite jurist to dilute the Constitution of the JAC.