Minority Character is constitutional right of Aligarh Muslim University

Addressing a massive students’ rally organized by Aligarh Muslim University Students’ Union in Kennedy Hall, AMU this morning, Panthers Party Supremo Prof. Bhim Singh accused Delhi-based politicians of double standards and ignoring the oppressed and the suppressed sections of the people in the rest of the country. Prof. Bhim Singh was the Chief Guest at a special conference of Aligarh Muslim University which held five hours’ long debate in support of restoration of minority status, AMU. Several prominent personalities from different parts of the country participated.
Prof. Bhim Singh regretted that the conference was organized by the students’ union whereas the President of the Union was suspended by the Vice-Chancellor last week. Prof. Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to the Vice-Chancellor to revoke the suspension of Shahazad Alam, the elected President of the Union, without any delay so that the younger generation could also feel the meaning of democracy and rule of law. Several other speakers including M/s. M. Rehmani, Salim Peerzada, Former M.P., Alias Azmi, Shafique-ur-Rehman, Barq M.P. Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib, M. Sherwani (Leader, Old Boys Union), Dr. Maman of Peace Party also addressed the distinguished gathering of students, members of the staff and civil society.
Prof. Bhim Singh accused Mr. Shagla, the ex-Education Minister who had misled Central leaders on the affairs of AMU in 1965.
Mr. M. Sherwani reminded the audience of his great days in Aligarh Jail, which he shared in Aligarh jail for months when 150 students were arrested by the authorities only to shut the voice of AMU to seek justice and equity for the students.  Prof. Bhim Singh with 140 students appeared in their Law Final Exam from behind the bar on the orders of the Allahabad High Court in 1965.