Can Congress justify its support to ‘security risk’ Omar’s Govt

Allegations, charges and counter allegations by the opposition groups in the Parliament or in the Legislature are common phenomenon in democracy. The security of the state is paramount to all and that deserves a common approach of the politicians irrespective of the fact whether they rule or sit in the opposition.

J&K has been an exception to the general rule since 1947. The Pakistani aggression in 1947 annexed one-third of our territory in J&K. Almost entire Army of 11,000 soldiers were wiped of by the Pakistani Army while defending the territory. The historians may dare write the hidden history someday as to who was responsible? Why the government of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru refused to provide military assistance to the Govt. of Maharaja Hari Singh? Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru sent the Indian Army on 27th October, 1947 to Kashmir when non-Kashmiri speaking areas of the state were illegally occupied by Pakistan.

The Govt. of India, many feel deliberately, chose not to defend Mirpur and Kotli which were occupied by Pakistani Army on 25th November, 1947, a month after the Accession. Who was responsible for the fall of Mirpur and Kotli? Why Indian Army did not proceed to Poonch sector in Jammu where Maharaja’s Army was fighting the occupation forces (Pakistan)? The occupation forces were driven of by the State forces with a tiny support of the Indian Army from Poonch in 1948.

This author himself had warned Delhi about the infiltration which started from Pakistan side in 1975 after Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah was installed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi as the Chief Minister of J&K. Delhi never cared for the voices of sanity which came from Ladakh, Jammu or other areas of the country. Why Delhi was submissive to the dictates of only one family from Kashmir?

Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of herself had expressed her views on the sincerity of Dr. Farooq Abdullah charging him as security risk in 1984. This author deferred from her but I realized that she was right. Today’s situation has taken a worse turn when the so-called elected Chief Minister of J&K himself dares announce that J&K had never merged with the Union of India. Challenging the Instrument of Accession amounts to treason in the eyes of Ranbir Penal Code and of course in accordance with the Constitution of J&K. I am not quoting the Indian Constitution because Chief Minister of J&K does not accept the Indian Constitution.

When he introduced the so-called Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy on 22nd November, 2010 inviting one and all those who had gone to Pakistan for armed training with the support and backing of his father (of course, Dr. Farooq Abdullah presently a Minister in the Union Cabinet) to return to J&K. Naturally, the purpose was not to rehabilitate the militants but to provide oxygen to the dying militancy in J&K by ensuring the return of the arms trained militants. That was reason that Omar Abdullah has been shouting at the top of his voice against the Indian Army and asking for its removal from J&K. This was Indian Army which saved the people of J&K from death and destruction caused by the Pakistani terrorists. It is Army which has restored, the schools, the medical clinics, the bridges, the roads and even community centers. I can state with the authority that people of J&K stand for India, in spite of suppressions and oppressions let loose by the power that be, only because of the Indian Army and the Supreme Court of India. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru had to put Sheikh Abdullah in jail, being his political friend, for the reason that Sheikh Abdullah had started dreaming to be Sultan of Kashmir by carving out Islamic Republic of Kashmir as proposed by Justice Oven Dixon in 1951 under the patronage of the Anglo-American Bloc in the United Nations.

It is after nearly six decades that Omar Abdullah realizing the weak government in the Centre has started invoking the old and dead Dixon Plan from the grave of the United Nations. It is he who has managed to rehabilitate more than 4000 so-called ex-militants at the expense of the State Exchequer whereas his government has denied due relief to the Jammu Migrants. When Govt. of India refused to accept the routes to the Pak-based militants as were proposed by Omar Abdullah with the support of Kashmir Congress, Farooq Abdullah managed to receive the Pak-based terrorists in Kashmir. During his tenure nearly 1000 Pak-nationals, of course, terrorists have entered J&K via Nepal. This author has been beating drums to the media, emergency letters and otherwise sounding the entire national leadership to be aware of the sinister design of Omar Abdullah. How Pakistani nationals holding Pakistani passports could enter Indian Territory from Nepal. Is there any politician or a jurist who can justify this act of the J&K government to facilitate the entry of Pak-nationals into India? This is not what this author is writing, this is a matter of record which I would like to place before the countrymen; politicians, civil society, the media and even the supporter of Omar Abdullah sitting in the Royal Houses in Delhi, the statement of the Chief Minister on the floors of the Assembly of J&K on 11th March, 2013 and again on 3rd April, 2013 which speaks louder than my words.

The Chief Minister in his reply to a question no.178 in the Legislative Assembly at Jammu informed the House in a written reply dated 03.04.2013 that;

“a).    No ex-militant has returned from Pak/POK to the State through the identified routes under the ‘Policy and Procedure for Return of Ex-militants to Jammu and Kashmir State” notified by the State Government vide Government Order No. Home-1376(ISA) of 2010 dated 23.11.2010.

During the past three years and the current year up-to 15th February, 2013, 241 ex-militants/terrorists have returned illegally via Nepal and other routes along with their family members. Their year-wise number is given below:-

b).     During 2010, 29 ex-militants have returned from Pak/POK of whom five ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.

c).     During 2011, 54 ex-militants have return from Pak/POK of whom 16 ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.

d).     During 2012, 150 ex-militants have returned from Pak/POK of whom 90 ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.

e).     During 2013 up-to 15th February 2013, 08 ex-militants have returned from Pak/POK of whom 02 ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.

f).      1089 applications have been received on behalf of the ex-militants/prospective returnees who are willing to return under the aforementioned policy. Out of these, 191 cases have been recommended for return. The rest of the applications are being scrutinized and verified.

Since no ex-militant has returned through the identified routes under the aforesaid policy after fulfillment of the conditions prescribed in the policy, they are not eligible for any assistance or rehabilitation. Therefore, no assistance can be provided for their rehabilitation.

g).     Reportedly, around 3974 ultras are still living in POK/Pak.

The State Government will continue with its efforts for implementation of the policy to facilitate the return of youth desirous to return to the State under the aforesaid policy.”

This reply of the Chief Minister on the floor of the Assembly makes it clear that the J&K Govt. is responsible for importing the Pakistani terrorists to J&K via Nepal. This was exactly the case of one Liaqat Ali Shah, presently, in NIA custody who had entered Nepal from Pakistan with his colleagues holding Pakistani passports. They entered Indian borders without any valid documents. The J&K Chief Minister has admitted that 241 Pak-nationals (terrorists) came with Pakistani passports to Nepal. They were escorted by the Govt. of J&K to Kashmir via Uttar Pradesh, Punjab.

Does this act on the part of Mr. Omar Abdullah leave any doubt that he is a security risk and cannot be trusted to continue in the office of the Chief Minister?          The Congress barons in the Centre have to justify their support to the Govt. of Omar Abdullah which is running on the crutches of the Congress.

Bhim Singh

(Sr. Executive Member-SCBA

& Member, National Integration Council)

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