Farmers are most neglected class since independence NPP Supremo calls for awakening campaign

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council while addressing National Executive of Bhartiya Kisan Unity in the Constitution Club, New Delhi accused the ruling parties in the country for completely ignoring, neglecting and discriminating the farmers all over the country with the result farmers who formed 80% of the total population of the country remained deprived of their right as citizens of India. Prof. Bhim Singh wondered how this farmers’ class has been used as a vote bank by every political party in the country least realizing that 90% soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defence of the country since 1947 belonged to farmers class. 95% of the Kargil martyrs were sons of the farmers. It is a petty that, he said that the farmers’ children are being used as petty slaves as class-iv employees, soldiers in the Army and constables in the police though the farmers’ children are among the highly educated youth.
Prof. Bhim Singh congratulated the President of the Bhartiya Kisan Unity, Mr. Rishipal Ambawata for his consistent fight for the welfare and development of the farmers. He said that it was unfortunate that no farmers’ leader could come out strongly in the favour of the farmers after Chaudhary Charan Singh and Shri Devi Lal.
Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that the new Mahabharata shall be launched by the farmers as it happened in the Mahabharata itself when these were farmers who stood by the Panduvas to fight for justice and equity.
Prof. Bhim Singh warned the national leadership against discrimination with the farmers’ children particularly in the field of education. The children of highly placed bureaucrats, super officials and politicians study from the age of 4 in schools like ‘Smriti’ where Rs.25 lacs is the token admission fee under the table. On the other hand he said that 85% population of the country, the farmers, have government schools where there is no arrangement to sit for the children. The children of the farmers are being exploited in the name of midday meals only. He warned that unless uniform education at the school level, at least, is not introduced, the country shall generate hostile groups in the new generation. That shall be the foundation of class war in the country. He suggested uniform education for all the children in the country.