Bhim Singh addresses thousands of teachers at Ramlila Ground on Samool Kranti

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council (NIC) this morning addressed an Ocean of Teachers’ gathering at Ramlila Ground, New Delhi expressed full support and solidarity with the Primary Teachers who had come from all parts of the country from Assam to Gujarat and Kashmir to Kerala. NPP Supremo urged the Central & State governments to save the primary education from the businessmen because primary education is the foundation of a person. The Primary School teachers gathered in thousands were demanding equitable pay, regularization of services of teachers and restoration of pension schemes besides a uniform syllabus and standards of all the students in the country.  Mr. Rampal Singh, the National President of the Primary School Teachers described Prof. Bhim Singh as a great hope for the Ultimate Revolution who has been fighting against authoritarianism and injustice all his life.
Prof. Bhim Singh also addressed a national gathering of intellectuals, thinkers and media persons at Gandhi Smriti on the eve of 106th Birthday Anniversary of Babu Jagjivan Ram. Prof. Bhim Singh called on the farmers, working class and youth and students to unite and lead the Ultimate Revolution which does not need bullets and guns but only a right thinking to take India to the next century where every person shall get justice and equity.
Prof. Bhim Singh also declared to observe Rashtriya Abhiyan Day on 8th April, 2013 the day S. Bhagat Singh threw a warning bomb in the Parliament.