State sponsored murderous attack on Sarabjit established

A prisoner under death sentence is kept in super high protective custody in a separate cell under the Punjab Jail Manual, as applicable to all prisons in Pakistan”, Sr. Advocate Prof. Bhim Singh who is also Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association asserted saying further that, “No prisoner or outsider can have access to such a prisoner except the jail wardens and officials. How jail prisoners could assault Sarabjit in the presence of jail officials and wardens?”  Prof. Bhim Singh questioned.
Prof. Bhim Singh as a Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan seeking urgent hearing in his case as, he petitioned, which was not heard in accordance with the principles of natural justice nor Sarabjit was given any opportunity to defend himself through a counsel.
He urged the Prime Minister to take up this matter concerning the security of the Indian Prisoners in Pak jails to the International Court of Justice at The Hague for an appropriate remedy. He said that Chamel Singh who had exhausted his sentence in Lahore Jail was likely to be released and sent back to India. He was brutally attacked inside the same jail and died. Sarabjit has been sentenced as mistaken identity which has been established beyond any doubt by his lawyer in Pak High Court.
Pakistan Govt. had been using Sarabjit as guinea pig to raise bloody fury against India.
Prof. Bhim Singh held Pak Govt. responsible for the murderous attack on Sarabjit and demanded probe by international agency under UN Human Rights Commission.

SC’s notice to UOI & J&K Govt. on ‘Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy’ & return of Pak-terrorists by Nepal

A Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising JJ Mr. R.M. Lodha & Mr. Sharad Arvind Bobde issued two weeks’ notice to Union of India and Govt. of J&K on a writ petition filed by J&K National Panthers Party seeking direction of the Supreme Court to quash the ‘Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy’ of Govt. of J&K dated 22.11.2010 by the Omar Abdullah’s government.
Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate appearing for the Panthers Party presented a reply filed by Mr. Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of J&K on the floors of the Assembly on 11th March, 2013 in which the Chief Minister had admitted that 241 militants/terrorists returned to J&K via Nepal without any valid document. Omar Abdullah in his reply as Chief Minister-Incharge-Home Department in the State had admitted,
“a).    No ex-militant has returned from Pak/POK to the State through the identified routes under the ‘Policy and Procedure for Return of Ex-militants to Jammu and Kashmir State” notified by the State Government vide Government Order No. Home-1376(ISA) of 2010 dated 23.11.2010.
During the past three years and the current year up-to 15th February, 2013, 241 ex-militants/terrorists have returned illegally via Nepal and other routes along with their family members. Their year-wise number is given below:-
b).    During 2010, 29 ex-militants have returned from Pak/POK of whom five ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.
c).    During 2011, 54 ex-militants have return from Pak/POK of whom 16 ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.
d).    During 2012, 150 ex-militants have returned from Pak/POK of whom 90 ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.
e).    During 2013 up-to 15th February 2013, 08 ex-militants have returned from Pak/POK of whom 02 ex-militants have brought their wives and children with them.
f).    1089 applications have been received on behalf of the ex-militants/prospective returnees who are willing to return under the aforementioned policy. Out of these, 191 cases have been recommended for return. The rest of the applications are being scrutinized and verified.
Since no ex-militant has returned through the identified routes under the aforesaid policy after fulfillment of the conditions prescribed in the policy, they are not eligible for any assistance or rehabilitation. Therefore, no assistance can be provided for their rehabilitation.
g).    Reportedly, around 3974 ultras are still living in POK/Pak.
The State Government will continue with its efforts for implementation of the policy to facilitate the return of youth desirous to return to the State under the aforesaid policy.
Prof. Bhim Singh submitted in the court that this policy was framed by Mr. Omar Abdullah with deliberate attempt to call back the terrorists who had voluntarily taken Pakistani nationality and now the Govt. of J&K has worked out a foxy scheme to bring them back to J&K to resurrect the dying militancy in the State. He said that the Government of India was equally responsible for allowing foreigners (Pakistani nationals) to return to India via Nepal by using fake identity cards issued by the Govt. of J&K. Prof. Bhim Singh vehemently argued that the Surrender & Rehabilitation Policy was meant for Kashmiri boys only and not for Pakistani or other foreign nationals. He said that security of the country stands threatened under this policy and Govt. of J&K is criminally liable for such a treasonous act.
Advocates Mr. Satish Vig, Mr. Gaurav Bansal & Mr. S.K. Bandopadhyay assisted Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate.

Tributes to Justice J.S. Verma who brought back democracy in Kashmir

Panthers Party activists held a meeting in memory of Justice J.S. Verma, former Chief Justice of India who died last week in Delhi. The Panthers Party activists paid rich tributes to the former Chief Justice of India for his remarkable judgments and directions during his career as a judge of the Supreme Court of India.
The Panthers Party activists felt that it was Justice Verma heading a Division Bench in the Supreme Court in 1996 who had directed the Election Commission of India to hold election to the Assembly of J&K on a writ petition filed by Prof. Bhim Singh seeking direction to the Govt. of India and the Election Commission of India to hold Assembly elections after a gap of nine years. Prof. Bhim Singh filed a writ petition when Election Commission of India under the heavy influence of the vested interests (of course, National Conference leaders) declined to hold election even in 1996 pleading that the militancy was at the peak and the people were reluctant to participate in the election.
The then Prime Minister of India, Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao agreed with Prof. Bhim Singh and his government represented by the then Attorney General of India stood up in the court of Justice Verma and supported Bhim Singh’s petition giving a surprise to many quarters. It was Justice Verma who directed the Election Commission of India to hold election to the Assembly at every cost in the interest of national unity and preservation of democratic traditions. Justice Verma heading the Division Bench rejected the plea of Shri Kapal Sibbal, Sr. Advocate, counsel for the Election Commission of India and allowed the writ petition. This was most daring, courageous and visionary commandment of Justice Verma which literally saved the State of J&K from anarchy and bloodshed.
Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that the judges in the Apex Court and the High Courts may follow the spirit of Justice Verma in the process of delivery of justice.

Panthers activists protest at Jantar Mantar against Chinese incursion in Ladakh

Several Panthers Party activists staged a massive demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi condemning the Chinese invasion of the Indian Photo0097Territory in Ladakh region thus threatening the security of India. The Panthers activists set afire an effigy of the Chinese President demanding China’s ouster from the Indian Territory in Ladakh which Chinese soldiers had occupied in the Daulat Beg Oldi Sector of Ladakh last week and pitched tents 10 kms inside the Indian Territory.Photo0096
The Panthers Party Supremo, Prof. Bhim Singh accused the Chinese leaders for trying to sabotage the gains of BRICS conclave in Dublin, South Africa last month by such attacks to undermine the friendship between India and China. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the Chinese people who desire for peace with India that it was the Chinese leadership who stabbed the soul of NAM countries by invading India in 1962. The Panthers Party Supremo reminded the people and the leadership in India that it is not the first Chinese incursion in Ladakh. He said that China had illegally occupied approximately 38,000 sq. kms. of Indian Territory. In addition, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,180 sq. kms. of Indian Territory in the Shaksgam Valley of POK (north-west of the Siachen Glacier) to China in 1962.
Prof. Bhim Singh regretted that the leadership in India has never cared to bring these facts into the notice of the international community when India has every opportunity to expose Chinese dangerous designs at the international platforms and the United Nations.
The Panthers Party activists who participated in the protest included M/s. B.S. Sajan, Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Om Kishan, Sanjay Kumar, Jitesh Kumar, Advocate D. Vidyanandam, Mohd. Salim, Mohd. Salam, Afzal Khan, Vishnu Gupta, Preetpal Singh, Dharmesh Gupta, Ram Adhar Yadav and others.

Fascist elements conspiring to destabilize Govt. by fomenting anarchy

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council accused the government for their failure to identify and eliminate the fascist elements in the society who intend to destabilize democracy and rule of law by fomenting anarchy in the society. He said that as a criminal lawyer and student of sociology he can speak with authority that kind of crimes (rapes of children) as are being committed and exposed by the media publicly could not be committed by ordinary criminals or habitual offenders. Committing a rape against a child is one thing and then committing heinous crime, unspeakable or unimaginable could not be committed by an ordinary criminal. After committing such a heinous crime, ghastly criminal acts against the victims are done by those who are more than habitual criminals or criminals. The criminals who attacked five-year-old girl committed another offense only to give a nerve shock to the society as a whole. Thousands of men, women and youth from the civil society have come out on the streets as they could not digest the nerve shock.
Prof. Bhim Singh, besides being, a parliamentarian and political activist has travelled all over the world on two wheels for five years, said that nowhere in the world, even the notorious criminals would do what has been done by the child rapists in India including in the national capital.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that this is an organized assault not only on democracy but on the cultural heritage of India by the fascist forces which have always conspired against the nation. He said that laws or ordinances are not enough to deal with such elements which intend to attack the very foundation of India’s civilization and ethos. He wondered why the great leaders in the country who have open opportunity to speak from the media platforms have not come out against the enemies of the society and the country. He said that commercializing education in the country amounts to a criminal conspiracy against the cultural ethos of India. Uniform syllabus and education to the children of all is essential so that the foundation of the society shall remain intact on the platform of equity and equality for all.
The Panthers Party leader also appealed to the politicians not to exploit the innocent people by promoting criminals just to add to their vote banks in the next elections. Why Prime Minister of India should not lead a march against social evils and for harmony in the country?