J&K Govt. turned security threat as hundreds of militants being brought to J&K from Pakistan

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party expressed grave concern on the security of national border along J&K because of the abetment of the State Chief Minister to import militants from Pakistan via Nepal under the pretext of rehabilitation of surrendered militants. He said that, giving evidence in this regard is the arrest of Liaquat Shah by Delhi Police, who entered India vie Nepal with six persons, all Pakistani Nationals.He said that, more than 250 militants have entered J&K via Nepal with the approval and support of the Govt. of J&K.
“How persons with suspicious identity entering Nepal with Pakistani Passports can be entertained by the Indian Border Police without any I-Card. The Govt. of India had admitted that, nearly 250 such persons claiming to be Kashmiris entered Jammu & Kashmir via Delhi with the identity cards issued by the Govt. of J&K. These Cards are issued to the persons holding Pakistani Passports on their entry to Nepal. The Pakistani Passports disappeared and the I-Cards issued by the Govt. of J&K enabled these persons to enter India and go to J&K with the fixed agenda settled between the Chief Minister of J&K and the ISI.” This was the quick reaction given by Prof. Bhim Singh who has been opposing the so-called rehabilitation policy of the NC-Congress Govt. which has not been understood by the North and South Blocks in the Indian Capital.
He challenged the Policy as a fraud rather threat to the national security asking, how a person imported illegally by the Govt. of J&K by cheating the whole nation can be called a surrendered militant when he is being brought by the Govt. to Kashmir. This is mere a fraud and shall cause horror to the security to the State being one of the blunders of Delhi vis-a-vis Jammu & Kashmir.
Prof. Bhim Singh felt pity on the National Political Parties which have no eyes to watch, no ears to hear and no courage to speak in the national interest. He demanded immediate dismissal of Omar Abdullah’s Govt. which has been exposed as a part of conspiracy to destroy the national interests. What made Chief Minister to dash in his state plane to the Capital to get Liaquat released from the Delhi Police who had crossed over to Pakistan in 1989 with the approved plan of Dr. Farooq Abdullah when he was the Chief Minister? How the Pakistani infiltrators are being officially sheltered and protected by Omar Abdullah Govt.?