Chhamb/Deva-Batala refugees of 1965/71 discriminated , NPP threatens to move SC

Nearly 38000 canals of agricultural land owned by the refugees from Chhamb/Deva-Batala since 1965 in Palanwala area of Akhnoor Tehsil have been taken over by the State government by force reducing the refugee farmers homeless and landless forcing them to starve.

This was the representation made by the oppressed Chhamb refugees to the NPP Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh during his visit this morning to the bordering areas in Chhamb sector.
The refugees have threatened to stage hunger-strike in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi in case their agricultural land is not returned to the owners at the earliest. Prof. Bhim Singh assured the refugees that the NPP shall take up the case with the President and the Prime Minister of India to ensure that justice is done to the refugees who have suffered due to migration from POK in 1947 and again in 1965 & 1971 because of Pakistani aggression. Prof. Bhim Singh questioned the bonafide of the Central government to vacate Chhamb and Deva-Batala in 1965 and surrendering entire Chhamb sector to Pakistan. The NPP Chief Patron accused the State and Central governments from the miseries and untold story of oppression and brutalities met by these refugees who have been living a miserable life in different parts of Jammu Pradesh without any social or economic security. Prof. Bhim Singh also urged Prime Minister of India for his intervention so that the occupied agricultural land by the administration is cleared of mines and explosive substance so that the refugees (Khasra no. 210) can utilize the land for their agricultural activities.
Prof. Bhim Singh accused the Congress leadership for the inhuman treatment being given to the farmers of Akhnoor Tehsil. He regretted that Khour-Jaurian and Palanwala have not been notified as separate Revenue Block as was recommended by the Wazir Commission also. NPP also accused the government for excessive electricity rent and 16th century old road and water drinking facilities.
Prof. Bhim Singh was accompanied by Mr. Faqir Nath, ex-MLA & Provincial President, Jammu Pradesh, Mr. Shanker Singh Chib.Ms. Meenakshi, Advocate and Ashok Kumar, District General Secretary.