NPP extends universal greetings on Shivratri

lord shiva

lord shiva (Photo credit: drakoheart)

One of the oldest and peoples’ favourite festival Shivratri is being celebrated throughout India and those affiliated with the ancient Indian civilization since the emergence of earth and human beings. The roots of the festival started from the land of Vedanta in Kashmir and therefore in J&K this great universal festival is identified with Kashmiri Pundits, most of them have been uprooted by the terrorists from their homeland, Kashmir.” The National Panthers Party’s Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh extended greetings to all lovers of Shivratri (night of God Shiva) who is one among the three supremos who created the human world.
NPP Supremo said that Shivratri is one of those great festivals which carry the message of human love, glory and prosperity to all and is celebrated all over India and in the Indian sub-continent.
The NPP leader hoped that God Shiva shall display His power and blessings by destroying the evil forces as he did with several demons who had threatened the human race and its civilization thus purifying the earth of all evils, crimes and unholy elements in the society to make the world peaceful and worth living with dignity. He said Kheer Bhawani, the temple of Goddess in Kashmir is an everlasting entity of human love, peace and equality.


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