Latin America lost great revolutionary leader in Chavez’s death, world a champion of freedom : NPP condolence resolution

An emergency meeting of National Panthers Party was held today in New Delhi, capital of India under the chairmanship of its Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh to condole the unexpected, untimely and shocking death of Venezuelan President, Mr. Hugo Chavez, one of the greatest revolutionaries Latin American had ever produced, who brought Venezuela and its people on the world map of democracy, development, human dignity in spite of total opposition from the White House of the USA.    Prof. Bhim Singh in his brief address to the Panthers Party activists and through the video conclave told that,    “Mr. Hugo Chavez in his young career achieved independence for Venezuela, freed oil wealth, particularly oil from the exploitation of the US touts earning wrath of the White House which continues till today. Che Guevara, born in Argentina, studied Medicine, joined Fidel Castro’s government and finally dashed into the jungles of Bolivia to free its ‘gold mines’ from US monopoly failed to succeed as he was killed in October, 1967 by pro-American soldiers in 1965. Slavador Allende, led the revolution in Chile, successfully introduced agricultural reforms for the implementation of his socialist agenda to seek total freedom of Chile from the pro-American colonial companies. He was killed too in September 1973. It was Fidel Castro who might have got the benefit of geographical terrains that Cuba succeeded in planting a socialist revolution in Cuba in spite of US hostility and wrath.”    It was Hugo Chavez who entered the political stage through the ballot and support of the people 14 years’ back with a clear commitment freedom to all Venezuelan people with human dignity and justice.”    Associated himself strongly with the Communist governments of Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro in Cuba, the Socialist governments of Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, his presidency had shaken the US as it took Chavez as a beacon of light of revolution in the entire Latin American region. Chávez continued as anti-imperialist, remained a prominent adversary of the United States’ foreign policy as well as a vocal critic of the US-supported New World Order and neo-liberalism and laissez-faire capitalism, Prof. Bhim Singh said in his address.    The Panthers Party national working committee in its revolution while condoling the death of the great revolutionary of Venezuela prayed for heavens for the departed soul and expressed solidarity and sympathy with the grief-stricken people of Venezuela with a message viva Chavez, viva revolucion, viva Venezuela.

Police brutality against Lawyers in Chandigarh & Jaipur condemned

The police brutality in Chandigarh & Jaipur yesterday, unknown in democracy where the Constitution rules supreme like in India, particularly against the lawyers’ community, the defenders of human rights deserves condemnation by one and all when the defenders of law turned perpetrators of law. The lawyers from all over the country should ask for an urgent action against the breakers of law so that they are brought to justice in the interest of rule of law and dignity of human being

This was the reaction of Prof. Bhim Singh, a Senior Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and Chief Patron of National Panthers Party. Prof. Bhim Singh also urged the Supreme Court of India to set up a judicial probe by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court in this matter so that the culprits are brought to justice in the interest of democracy and rule  of law.