Delhi re-chaos reorganization call by all nationalist, secular & democratic parties of J&K

Panthers Party Supremo today urged the Central leadership to read the writings on the walls of NC of Kashmir which leave not an iota of doubt that Today’s National Conference is an agent working for the implementation of Dixon Plan to disintegrate India via J&K which the Anglo-American Bloc had planned through Australian Jewish Judge in 1951 and rightly rejected by Nehru. NC, he said has been successful in taking over power by using power hungry and leaderless Congress Party.
He declared that the Reorganization of J&K is the only solution which is possible through the amendment in Article 370. Prof. Bhim Singh was addressing a massive gathering of Kashmiri Pandit Migrants in Delhi organized by the Panun Kashmir. The national seminar on Reorganization the Way Forward at India International Centre, New Delhi was also addressed by BJP Leader, Sri Ravi Shanker Prasad, MP & Chief Spokesman of BJP, Prof. Hari Om, a prominent historian and undaunted spokesman for the Voice of Jammu Pradesh, Dr. Ajay Chrangoo, Chairman-Panun Kashmir, Dr. Shakti Bhan, Shri Thupstan Chhewang, DCC President Ladakh, Leh, Shri P. Namgyal, former Union Minister from Ladakh.
Every speaker supported reorganization of the state in the interest of the integrity of the country. Ladakhi Leaders showed leaning towards Union Territory whereas the Panun Kashmir leaders pleaded for carving out a Pandit state within the Valley to save Kashmiryat from extinction.
Addressing another national seminar on farmers on the Jyanti of Sehjanand Sarswati ji which was presided over by Dr. Priya Ranjan Trevedi, Chancellor of Nagaland University, Prof. Bhim Singh made a unique revelation that the Kisans of J&K have remained neglected right since 1947. NC and Congress robbed the farmers of their land without payment of compensation at all. He was addressing a national seminar at Mavlankar Hall this afternoon. Prof. Bhim Singh said that there could be no peace as long as Sheikh dynasty rule continued and shall end only with the end of the Congress rule in the country which has been nourishing the NC to woo down the Dogras of Jammu Pradesh, Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi appreciated Prof. Bhim Singh for his untiring fight against injustice and tyranny in the State.  Panthers Party Supremo was honoured with a red Turban and a white Shawl.
Addressing another International Solidarity Conference organized by the National Students Union of the Syrian Students at the Constitution Club, Prof. Bhim Singh, who is also Chairman of the Indo-Arab Solidarity Council, expressed solidarity with the great people of Syria and their leadership and urged the Prime Minister of India to let the Anglo-American Bloc understand that India stands with Syria at all costs. He praised Syria for naming the national road on the House of Syrian Parliament in the name of Jawahar Lal Nehru years back. He also hailed the visit of the Indian President Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil to Syria which has consolidated the friendship of Syria and India. He accused the Anglo-American Bloc and hoped that New Russian President Vladimir Putin shall save the third world from falling into the furnace of the New World Order. The Ambassador of Syria, Mr. Riad Abbass, the Sana News Agency Chief, Dr. Awwad in their respective speeches expressed gratitude to the Govt. of India and the Prime Minister of India for the continues support to the Syrian Govt.
Earlier this morning Prof. Bhim Singh as Sr. Executive Member of the SCBA received Mr. Justice Tirath Singh Thakur, Captain of the SC Judges Cricket Team and other Members at the Kotlashah Cricket Ground which witnessed the pleasureful match between the Chief Justice-XI and SCBA-XI. SCBA Team was led by SCBA President, Mr. Kirishnamani, Sr. Advocate.

NPP Supremo calls on civil society to identify national issues & start debate for their resolutions

Addressing a high profile seminar of intellectuals, members of the civil society, parliamentarians and others organized by Nation-Building Meet at India International Centre, New Delhi, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council made a compassionate appeal to the members of the civil society, media persons, parliamentarians and social & political activists to organize a national debate to churn out the national issues pertaining to the entire country vis-à-vis relating to domestic & international problems. He regretted that hundreds of seminars and meetings are held every week in the country at the expense of the exchequers without clear agenda or direction to address the issues which have not been universally accepted by the society or political parties. Naturally, once issues are determined, the remedies in other words resolutions of the problems can be suggested or worked out.

Prof. Bhim Singh explained that corruption, criminalization, drug menace, communalism, unemployment are some of the most disturbing national problems besides Assam, North-East, J&K which deserve national attention of all the political parties to seek rational and national resolutions with clear message for strengthening national integration.

Swami Ramdev who addressed the seminar after Prof. Bhim Singh appreciated his contributions he has made for over 50 years. This needed, support of the civil society as a whole.

Shri Ram Jethmalani accused politicians in the ruling group for their failure to work out a solution to eradicate corruption from the system.