Corruption free Presidential Address

india (28)India Parliment House

india (28)India Parliment House (Photo credit: SJ photography)


Reacting on the address by President of India to Parliament this day, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP and Member of NIC expressed surprise on the silence of the Presidential address about the mounting corruption and sky-high prices of essential commodities which have affected the life of a common citizen in the country. Prof. Bhim Singh, a noted Parliamentarian said that Presidential speech failed to address the issues relating to corruption, criminalization in politics, drug menace and communalism which deserved urgent attention of the Members of Parliament to adopt remedial measures to end these social, political and economic evils from the society.
Prof. Bhim Singh wondered how Presidential Address ignored the Lokpal Bill and universal demand to enact a strong law to curb corruption at all levels. Only a casual reference of several bills pending in the Parliament would not have addressed the core issue to nip the corruption evil in the bud.
The Panthers Party Supremo also expressed dissatisfaction on the Presidential address relating to international affairs. He said that the address has ignored the situation that has been created by the foreign intervention in Syria, Sudan, Libya, Mali and other regions threatening the international peace and security. The Presidential address should have touched these subjects and asked for non-interference into the internal affairs of any sovereign country. The unemployment and the plight of the working class could not be addressed in the Presidential address.