NPSU celebrates Foundation Day, Pledge to fight corruption, criminalization

Hundreds of NPSU activists celebrated its 30th Foundation Anniversary at the Auditorium of the Press Club of Jammu today which was presided by NPSU State President, Mr. Partap Singh Jamwal assisted by its Provincial President, Mr. Virender Singh Thakur. 84 Students activists were presented trophies (Student Pride Award) by Prof. Bhim Singh (Founder & Chief Patron-NPP) and Shri Harsh Dev Singh ,Chairman Advisory Board-NPSU.Those who were honoured included the State & Provincial Presidents also.
The NPSU State President Mr. Partap Singh Jamwal, Provincial President Mr. Virender Singh Thakur, its General Secretary Zeshan Qazmi and Secretary Mohd. Shakeel Xaka and other student leaders pledged that every NPSU volunteer makes a commitment that, “I shall speak truth fearlessly and boldly”, that, “I shall extend my support to every needy person even he is my enemy”. They also expressed gratitude to the NPP leadership for their unique support to the student movement in J&K against injustice.
Mr. Harsh Dev Singh reminded the students of the unparalleled sacrificies of Prof. Bhim Singh as a student leader and said that Bhim Singh is a symbol of revolution, commitment to the public cause and change that is why the intellectuals all over the world identified him with Che Guevara of Latin Amercia and Yasir Arafat of Palestine. [Read more…]