Bhim Singh’s call to the youth on the eve of youth conclave in Jammu to unite against corruption, criminalization & communalism

Young friends of the Panthers Party, you are the foundation of the Panthers Party, which is the only party in India rather in the entire Asian region which has its total commitment to justice for all. This is the only party in India which stands for an Ultimate Revolution through ballot and no bullet (not bullet). This is a tragedy in the history of India that the Parliament has thrown us (people of J&K) in the lap of the wolves who run the state with authoritarian whip under the State Constitution which has not even an iota of fundamental rights which form part of the Constitution of India. Most unfortunate that Parliament (India) has abandoned its legislative authority to legislate on J&K vis-¹-vis the Subjects mentioned in the Union List and the Subjects which were expressly incorporated in the Instrument of Accession by the rulers of Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh, the only competent authority to sign the Instrument of Accession according to British Parliament Act of India’s Independence.

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