Rock Band exposes the state authority

“Girls Rock Band’ in Kashmir was nothing new in the state as the people in the Valley have been carrying the fragrance of Sufi culture for centuries. The Muslim fraternity in J&K has imbibed the great culture of tolerance and brotherhood for long. The girls’ rock-band sparked a row only after the State Chief Minister fired his twitter either without application of mind or with mischievous mind. Those who have been victims of the undemocratic, authoritarian and oppressive regime of the Abdullahs could not have got a better opportunity to hit back at the twitterer. The Muftis are well-experienced and know the art of striking when iron is hot.” Stated Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and a human rights activist who himself remained in illegal detention in J&K for more than eight years.

Prof. Bhim Singh, a friend of Mufti Bashiruddin said, “The Muftis also aware that Hazrat Daud had unique melodious voice, which is known in the history. Music or singing for peace, harmony and humanity is popular in all the Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia may be an exception). Omakalsum was the most popular Arabic singer in Egypt. Her songs are most popular in the Arab World.”

He said that those who have objected girls’ rock-band bust have shared the passion of Junoon Band of Pakistan, which rocked the entire Valley with joy and participation  in May 2008 during its rocky display at Kashmir Study Institute at Kashmir University. .

The episode has been blown out of proportion by the media but tragedy looms high where is the state of J&K and where is its governance? Is a religious, soft spoken, apolitical Mufti more powerful, more commending and more acceptable than a popularly elected Chief Minister of J&K?  Prof. Bhim Singh questioned saying that the small episode has proved beyond any doubt that there is no governance and no authority of law in J&K. He said that dismissal of NC-Congress government is the only way out to pave roads for the return of peace and harmony in the state.

Bhim Singh praises the NPSU leadership, assures them wholehearted support to carry on the message of Ultimate Revolution

In his strong message charged with love, affection and appreciation, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron and Founder of NPSU praised the leadership of NPSU for bringing the students’ power to the core of the educational institutions and reviving the might of the students of Jammu Pradesh which has been missing for a long time. In his letter addressed to Shri Virender Thakur, NPSU President of Jammu Pradesh as well as President of Jammu University, Prof. Bhim Singh wrote, “After long time I have felt as if I were a student and marching with the students of the university which we had created by sacrificing four student leaders in 1966. I salute the students of Jammu University from all walks of life, irrespective of their affiliations, who have decided to stand united to fight for the common cause of the students. This is a great victory.”

“I hope and trust that the students shall walk hand in hand to continue their battle against all forms or any form of injustice being done to them by the power that be, may it be state or the university.” Prof. Bhim Singh also congratulated the State President, Mr. Pratap Singh Jamwal for demonstrating his leadership for unifying the students’ movement which is the main source of inspiration to the next generations. I started from GGM Science College this march in 1957 and I feel walking behind student leadership once again.