Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party

Map of Jammu and Kashmir

The situation in J&K has turned worse and the NC-Congress government has literally collapsed. The Ministers involved in corruption and scams have been surviving on the High Court stay orders.
While addressing a press conference, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, warned the government that the NPP shall block the National Highway if official files pertaining to Jammu Pradesh are shifted to Srinagar in the Darbar Move. He said that the files concerning Kashmir Province shall be allowed to be moved. Let the Secretariats function around the year at both the places, Srinagar and Jammu as is the case of functioning of High Court Benches at both the places. This is in the greater interest of the people of Jammu Pradesh as well as Kashmir Province.
Panthers Supremo expressed solidarity and support to the Talwara Migrants who shall be decided sitting on a dharna in front of the High Court of Jammu & Kashmir to present a memorandum seeking urgent hearing of the contempt case of Jammu Migrants against the Union of India and the State government in connection with the release of relief of Rs.21 crores.  The dharna shall be stage by the Talwara Migrant Committee on 9th April, 2013.

The NPP Supremo also made the following statement;
1.      The Jammu Migrants have been denied their due which was awarded to them by the Supreme Court order.  It is hoped that the High Court may find time to do justice to the contempt petitions pending for over three years in connection with the sanctioned relief of Rs.21 crores in favour of Jammu Migrants. Tragically Jammu Migrants have been denied their relief as has been provided to the Kashmiri Migrants.
2.      Jammu & Kashmir has nearly 1.5 million (15,000,00) refugees of 1947, 1965, 1971 & migrants of 1999. It is the right time to provide residents right to the refugees of 1947 who came from Pakistan and whose children born in Jammu & Kashmir have not been conferred the resident ship right.  This is hi

ghly painful and sad that those who voluntarily went to Pakistan and after for Pak citizenship, got armed training to sabotage India have been permitted by the Omar Government to return to J&K via Nepal in utter violence of the law of the land.
3.      Mr. Omar Abdullah has become a security risk and dangerous for peace in J&K.
4.      No FIR has been lodged on the custodial death of Yusuf Haji till date.  The Bedi Commission Report, was concocted has not been presented before the Assembly. It was tabled on the House by Panthers Party MLA Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia.
5.      The ruling parties have betrayed the Panchayats. The 73rd and 74th Amendment must be implemented.