Delimitation of Constituencies, Districts & Blocks is essential for rural development

“J&K is the only Indian State where Delimitation of the Assembly & Lok Sabha constituencies was never held since 1972 in spite of the fact that Delimitation of Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies was held after the census of 2001 throughout the country. This is shameful discrimination with the people of J&K whom the Indian leaders call as ‘Integral Part’ of India”. This was the statement Prof. Bhim Singh made while interacting with the youth and the students in Billawar, an ancient Dogra principality which spreads upto world famed Basohli known for its unique miniature paintings all over the world.

“That the entire country become independent the Jammu Pradesh lost its identity, integrity, may it be, linguistic, historic or cultural as well as political.” Added Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who arrived in the historic town this evening from Delhi.

Prof. Bhim Singh said the people of Jammu Pradesh have been treated like sheep and goats by the rulers may they be from Delhi or Kashmir Valley. He called on youth and students to join hands with the Panthers Party to get rid off corrupt, scandalous, tainted and highway robbers who have been inducted as ministers to govern the people, which is a matter of grave concern for all those who love democracy. He warned the Kashmiri leaders that the people shall not accept the criminal rule any more and fight for reunion and reorganization of J&K which is possible in 2013. The NPP Supremo also demanded CBI inquiry into the land grabbing, loot of the public exchequer, amassing of wealth by the ministers and ruling party leaders during past 60 years assuring that NC and Congress leaders shall meet the fate of the Chautalas of Kashmir very soon.

Prof. Bhim Singh also demanded Delimitation of the Assembly as well as Districts and Blocks in Jammu Pradesh so that Billawar and Basohli shall also get District Status.

Prof. Bhim Singh accompanied by several Panthers Party leaders including Ms. Anita Thakur, H.C. Jalmeria, Shanti Swaroop Basotra, General Secretaries. The meeting was organized by working president of Billawar (Political) Mr. Jagdev Mian (Sarpanch).