India should dictate peace to arrange neighbour

“The national leadership must not fail the nation and the aspirations of the next generations which look forward for peace, tranquility, progress and respect for humanity as a whole. Those at the commanding situation must not be carried by the emotional and vote catching slogans of the power hungry politicians. Those who have the mandate of the Constitution to act, must not speak loose the way politicians do. India is the largest democracy in the world and has the greatest role to play for peaceful co-existence of the conflict-torn nations in spite of over ambitious neighbourers aided and abetted by the foreign agencies from the East and the West.” This statement was issued by Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and a noted peace activist in response to the unwarranted, undesirable and inadequate statements issued from different political quarters as well as by the highest echelons of power. [Read more…]

NPP calls ‘Cabinet reshuffle’ another Fraud on people to project ‘B’ team

After the collapse of Omar Abdullah’s ‘A’ team, he has attempted to play another fraud with the people of J&K by launching team ‘B’ of no less tainted ministers than he had in his team A”. This was pronounced by Panthers Party Supremo Prof. Bhim Singh in reply to a news agency correspondent from Srinagar.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed shock that the Central government has given green certificate to the inexperienced, inefficient and the Lord of the tainted ministers to paint black & white on the fading screen of the Congress party. NPP Chief Patron said that the leeches (ministers) who had crossed the saturation point in sucking the blood of the poor and lost to suck any more were dropped and the new leeches have replaced the old one so that they shall suck the remaining blood of the poor electorates. [Read more…]