Panthers protest against Pak Army, burn its effigy

Several Panthers Party activists held a massive demonstration in front of Dogra Chowk, Jammu setting effigy of Pak Army on fire demanding international prosecution of the Pakistani Army without delay.

The Panthers Party said that this is horrifying criminal act of the Pakistan Army since 1947 when it trespassed across the LoC in Krishna Ghati (Poonch sector), brutally killing two patrolling Army soldiers and then beheading and taking away head of one of the soldiers. This is a naked aggression against India which deserves universal condemnation by the civilized world. Besides, Pakistan Army should be held liable for this heinous crime.

The Panthers Party at the same time condemned the ruling National Conference, its President, Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah for keeping silent on this brutal act of Pak Army. Omar Abdullah mentioned only mutilation of ‘martyrs’ body without condemning the international crime committed by Pakistani Army.

The Panthers Party activists demanded that Govt. of India should move the International Court of Justice to punish Pakistan Army for this heinous crime. If Govt. of India fails, the Panthers Party activists warned that the matter shall be taken up before the International Court of Justice by Prof. Bhim Singh, a noted jurist and specialist on the International Court of Justice in the Hague.


Panthers roar everywhere from Kashmir to Delhi Demanding dismissal of father & son

Several activists of Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party demonstrated in front of 5, Prithviraj Road where J&K government’s office is situated demanding immediate dismissal of the government of J&K headed by Mr. Omar Abdullah, who is representing National Conference headed by his father Dr. Farooq Abdullah, a Minister in the Union Government. The Panthers Party accused Abdullahs for their secessionist activities and utterances demanding plebiscite/independence on behalf of the National Conference which is headed by Dr. Farooq Abdullah.

The Panthers activists urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to dismiss Dr. Farooq Abdullah from the counsel of ministers and prosecute him for his criminal act amounting to sedition under the criminal law. The Panthers Party activists also demanded immediate dismissal of Mr. Omar Abdullah as the Chief Minister of J&K and for his prosecution without delay.

The Panthers Party strongly condemned brutal killing of two Indian soldiers at LoC in Poonch sector on 8th January, 2013. The Party said that entire country has condemned Pakistani Army for this heinous crime whereas Dr. Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah have failed to condemn this ghastly murder amounting to act of aggression against India. The Chief Minister was only mentioning mutilation of soldiers’ bodies but expressed no condemnation for the murder of the Indian soldiers.

The Panthers activists were led by Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Secy. General, Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party included M/s. Om Kishan, Sanjay Kumar, Irfan Hussein, Jagmohan Paswan, Pintu Kumar, Jitendra Singh, Kishan Kumar Dahiya, Shabana were stopped outside Kashmir House and taken to custody by the police for violating Section 144.