Goodbye, His Excellency Next, My Lords

Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, the first President of India from the land of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose has done a magnificent service to the country by deleting the colonial borrowed and unwanted adjectives attached with the President of India and the Governors of the state. His Excellency or Mahamahim words were attached while addressing the President of India or the Governors. Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee has come true to expectations to take His Excellency of the records from the address to the President of India.

India, the largest democracy in the world has to find an honourable way to minus ‘My Lords’ addressed to the Judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts. My Lord is too heavy for the honourable judges on the bench to digest. Sometime it turns embracing both for the advocates addressing the court as well as for the judges themselves. There are more than 100 countries in the world including 53 Islamic countries and nearly 50 socialist oriented countries and even in Europe ‘My Lord’ has no relevance at all. India has a Chief Justice with a difference and an in him there lies courage and wisdom both. The proposition which President of India deserves a due consideration by all those who are at the giving end.

Most of the High Courts are facing crisis because of the vacancies of the judges in several High Courts. The past several years have not been very pleasant in the functioning of the highest seat of judiciary. There lies a need to amend Constitution so as to ensure that no retired judge of the Supreme Court or a High Court shall accept any official assignment for, at least, three years. There is need of a scientific methodology to ensure that no criminal case should remain pending before the Apex Court for more than two years and the civil case for five years. The sons and daughters of judges have every fundamental right to practice wherever they wish but for the sake of credibility of the judges themselves no immediate relative should be allowed to practice by the judges. It requires an earnest effort that cases are listed according to the direction of the courts and not at the wish or will of the listing officers. No case should be allowed to linger on in the Registry. Maximum period for the removal of defects etc. has to be fixed in the interest of both the clients as well the Registry.

The Chief Justice has issued a very valuable notification allowing mentioning of the cases. It is expected that fresh breeze of change shall fill the corridors of the Supreme Court and the entire judiciary in the country. Judiciary is the last hope of a wretched of the earth who is the brick in the wall of democracy.



Bhim Singh