The only resolution of J-K problem is reorganization of entire state including Gilgit-Baltistan

“Several political parties in J&K have abused and accused former Chief Minister of J&K, Dr. Farooq Abdullah for his statement vis-à-vis POK. The political parties which remained in power in J&K including the Congress and those which are ruling today including BJP have to measure the yardsticks vis-à-vis present political scenario on both sides of J&K. The statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah has irked several political parties including Congress and BJP which he made three days back in Kishtwar, Jammu province saying that POK was not personal property of India. The political leadership in the country should evaluate the contents of the entire statement of the son of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah who played a leading role in support of Maharaja’s decision to integrate J&K with the Union of India in 1947.” Prof.Bhim Singh, an expert on J&K affairs and an uncompromising political visionary said this morning while talking to the media persons in New Delhi.

            Prof.Bhim Singh asked the ruling BJP leaders and the frustrated Congress men to come out openly to spell out the ‘blunders’ committed by the National Conference and the blunders committed by the Congress and BJP who have been ruling the country since 1950. Prof.Bhim Singh asked the shouting brigade of BJP and Congress why they could not vacate POK and Gilgit (nearly 32,000 sq. miles of J&K territory till today). Prof.Bhim Singh questioned the Congress and BJP who have been ruling one after the other to explain their conduct why they could not vacate POK? But they think about Gilgit region which has been grabed by Pakistan and annexed with Pakistan since 2009? What they think about the J&K territory which has been handed over by Pakistan under Rawalpindi Agreement? Why these parties and their respective governments have remained silence on the territory occupied by China in the Gilgit region and in the Ladakh sector?

            Those who are shouting today against Farooq Abdullah as great loyalists should have replied the main question why they could not liberate Gilgit and POK or why could not they even claim Gilgit region as part of POK occupied by Pakistan since 1948?

            Prof.Bhim Singh said that no doubt that former Chief Minister feels frustrated and lonely yet what he spoke the other day, though undesirable, yet has to be understood that POK (4500 sq. miles) minus Gilgit region has been working under full control of Pakistan. The Govt. of India has given up its claim vis-à-vis POK as well as Gilgit region. The ground reality and truth has to be accepted. Dr.Farooq Abdullah’s statement deserve to be analyzed and weighed in right prospective as per India’s agreements with Pakistan Tashkent (1966) or Shimla (1972).

            The people of India and Pakistan have accepted the reality and the international situation vis-à-vis former State of J&K that J&K is integral part of the Union of India as per the decision of the ruler of J&K which he signed through Instrument of Accession in 1947. He said that the ground reality is also a sad history that Pakistan and China have remained in possession of some areas of the State of J&K since 1947. The people residing in POK which Pakistan calls ‘Azad Kashmir’ as well as in Gilgit—Baltistan have to be given an open choice to choose their future with J&K (India or with Pakistan) where they have been living and growing since 1947/48. This fact has to be accepted by all those who are concerned with the situation.

            The guns or wars are no solution to this problem which can easily be settled by the people of J&K themselves. The political representatives of several political parties and the representatives of the civil society from both sides of J&K (including Gilgit) had met twice first in 2005 and again in 2007 in Jammu and in New Delhi under the chairmanship of former Prime Minister of POK, Sardar Mohd. Abdul Qayyum Khan. The Indian leadership should meet to resolve the present situation through discussion and dialogue. Prof.Bhim Singh who is also Convenor of the Intra J&K ‘Heart to Heart’ Talks between the representatives of both sides of J&K has urged the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan to ensure that this effort of the ‘Heart to Heart’ Talk shall go success so that the leadership and intellectuals from sides of J&K shall assist India and Pakistan to resolve the pending crisis. He said India and Pakistan together shall play a gigantic role to strengthen international agenda to promote international peace and security in the world.

        All J&K leaders including those in POK, Gilgit and J&K have a role to play. Dr. Karan Singh, son of former Maharaja Hari Singh, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, son of foremost Kashmiri leader Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, the Hurriyat Conference leaders, all have a major role to play and Prof.Bhim Singh is confident that all shall be requested to sit on a common platform for the final resolution of the situation

NPP Supremo urges President to exercise his power under Art. 370 to dismiss J&K Govt. & amend Art. 370

The President of India is vested with full legislative power under Constitution of India in its Article 370 to amend or resurrect any provision in Article 370 and there is no check on President’s power whatsoever. The Constituent Assembly of J&K was unconstitutional and dead since 1957 when J&K Constitution was promulgated in J&K.”

Addressing lawyers’ fraternity at Panthers Party office in exile at Jantar Mantar this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh sounded a strong note on the ears of the members of the Parliament who have full constituent power vested in them to introduce amendment in Article 370 which, in fact and law have become infructuous urging the President of India to exercise his exclusive legislative power to amend Article 370 (without abrogating it) to ensure that Parliament of India stands empowered to legislate vis-à-vis J&K in respect of the three subjects, Defence, External Affairs, Communication and Allied Matters which were personally included in the List of subjects extended to the Union of India by Maharaja Hari Singh himself on 26th October, 1947. The language of Article 370 is contrary to the command of Article 370 and against the declaration signed by the then ruler of J&K, Maharaja Hari Singh.

Prof.Bhim Singh a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, a post graduate in Law from London University and a practicing Barrister who happens to be Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee urged the President of India to exercise his legislative authority vested in him under Article 370 itself that he being the President of the country shall exercise all legislative powers which were vested in the Governor-General, Lord Mountbatten from 1947 to 26th January, 1950. The President is the only authority which has exclusive authority at par with the Governor-General of India and can exercise the power to integrate State of J&K with the rest of the country which was not done by January 26, 1950 by the Governor General. Prof.Bhim Singh said that there is no occasion to blame one political leader or the other. He would not like to dig the old graves. He said the Parliament is competent to amend any provision of the Constitution including provisions on Fundamental Rights provided in Chapter-III of the Constitution of India. Article 370 is designated astemporary provision till today (66 years) and word, ‘temporary’ itself leaves no ground for protecting such a provision which was described by the law-makers as temporary in 1950.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on the Parliament to take up the issue with a nationalist mission to amend Article 370. Three subjects that ruler of J&K included in the Instrument of Accession need no further debate/discussion and should immediately be incorporated in the Constitution. The remaining subjects in the Concurrent List may be shared with J&K legislature if it shall so desire. That’s solved. This is the resolution of J&K’s problem. The areas which have remained under the occasion of Pakistan including POK and Gilgit and other areas in the Ladakh sector which have remained under the occupation of China since 1947 can be placed on agenda that India shall find amicable solution. Wars, battles, killing of innocent human beings offensive or counter offensive is not the solution. India and Pakistan was one family and is still one family. The leadership of India and Pakistan should sit together talk to each other without swords or guns. The Panthers Party also urged the residents of J&K from both sides to continue ‘Heart to Heart’ talks with each other which Prof.Bhim Singh initiated with the help of senior notables from both sides of J&K. He said that he has decided to hold the third ‘Heart to Heart’ conclave among the people of J&K before March 2017 in India or in Pakistan or anywhere else. That is the only way to ensure that the two great neighbourers shall live in peace and harmony once again.

Neither wars nor battles nor even abuses or bullets shall reach any resolution when the conflict is among brethren sharing a common civilization.

NPP supremo calls for human rights for all Indian citizens in J&K

Prof. Bhim Singh, member of NIC and Chairman of state Legal Aid Committee has urged the President of India, Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee to direct J&K governor impose Governor rule in J&K so that the citizens of India in the state also get a chance to enjoy fruits of Indian constitution.

                    Prof. Bhim Singh urged President of India to direct the State Governor, Shri N.N.Vohra to impose governor rule in J&K and the State Assembly should be dissolved. All the minor children should be released from prison forth with. All detenues detained under PSA should be released immediately.

          All blinded persons including children should be treated by the government in the hospitals compensation should be paid to the blinded children and to heirs of those who have been killed by the police since July 8th, 2016. All those who were  handicapped in Pallet firing should be given life long social security.

                    Prof. Bhim singh called on yout and student in the country to stand by the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their struggle to get rid of the corrupt and nonworkable govt of BJP –PDP.

Paramhans Ashram, Mirzapur honoured Prof.Bhim Singh for his social services & for pleading cause of J&K

Paramhans Ashram, Shatteshgarh, Chunar, Mirzapur (U.P.) today honoured Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate  of Supreme Court of India & Chief Patron of National Panthers Party for his unimaginable services to the cause of humanity and for pleading the genuine cases of the Indian citizens/residents of J&K.

Paramhans Swami Adgadanand ji Maharaj, Chief of Paramhans Ashram, Shatteshgarh, Chunar, Mirzapur (U.P.)  today offered Prof.Bhim Singh a shawl and Bhagwad Gita in a brief ceremony at its internationally world fame Centre, which is situated between Allahabad and Banaras. In its special session in the morning at 8 O’clock Paramhans Swami Adgadanand ji Maharaj while addressing his hundreds of devotees admired services of Prof.Bhim Singh for the sake of humanity and for the people of J&K with courage, conviction and full sense of nationalism. Paramhans Swami Adgadanand ji Maharaj assured Prof.Bhim Singh all cooperation, guidance and blessing to ensure that Bhim Singh’s mission to integrate J&K with the rest of the country shall be realized at the earliest.

NPP Supremo holds meeting of Trade Union, Young Panthers, NPSU, farmers Union

Exclusive Meetings of Young Panthers, NPSU, and Farmers Panthers Union were held at NPP Headquarters at Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. Vice president Shri. P.K. Ganjoo, Miss Anita Thakur (General Secretary), Shri Yash Paul Kundal State President (Young Panthers) among district Office Bearers of Kathua District and senior leaders of the party were present.

Prof. Bhim Singh proposed to hold a meeting of the Panthers Trade Union and NPSU on 10th November in the afternoon. The Trade Union Acting President Sadar Paramjit Singh Marshal was advised to the call the meeting on 10th Nov in the afternoon to reorganize the PTU and NPSU President Thakur Virender Singh was also advice to reorganize NPSU and submit its list by tomorrow .

Prof. Bhim Singh conveyed to the activists to ensure that all the unit of the Panthers Party are formerly announced by 20th of Nov.  The Meeting of Farmers Panthers Union and Panthers Ex. Servicemen Panthers Union shall be launched by the 20th of Nov. The Chairman and State President are defacto patrons of all the units of the Panthers Party.

Prof. Bhim Singh in his massage to the Panthers Party Activists said that the Panthers Party should complete all its units in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh by 15thof Dec, 2016.  He braboed the Panthers Party leadership for carrying the Programme and the mission of the Panthers Party for the welfare as well as justice and equity for all people in the state. He said that the reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir by Amending Art 370 is the only way out. So that Jammu & Kashmir is reorganized by establishing a Confederation of Jammu & Kashmir  so that all the citizens of  India shall get fundamental rights providing in chapter III of the Constitution of India

Others who were present on the occasion include Ajay Singh Jamwal (District President) Kathua, Naresh chib (District President) Urban JKNPP Jammu, Balvir Singh (District President) Young Panthers Kathua, Pushpinder Singh Manhas (Vice President) Young Panthers, Rakesh Gupta (State Secretary), Sham Gorka Vice President PTU, Parshotam Parihar State Secretary PTU , K.K. Sharma and others