Seeking Governor Rule in J&K SC to hear NPP Petition on 28th July

Supreme Court of India shall hear PIL (Writ Petition) filed by National Panthers Party on Friday, 28thJuly, 2016. This was announced by Mr. Justice Tirath Singh Thakur, Chief Justice of India when this matter was mentioned by Sr.Advocate,Prof.Bhim Singh this morning.

          The Panthers Party filed writ petition on 21st July, 2016 with a prayer that the Supreme Court should direct the Governor of J&K to impose Governor Rule in J&K by invoking Section 92 of the Constitution of J&K. It is to made clear that the affairs of the state of J&K are administered under the authority of the Constitution of J&K.

NPP urge UHM to advice J&K Governor to impose Governor Rule to save impending disaster

NPP has urged Shri Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister to advice Shri N.N.Vohra, the Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 of J&K Constitution to impose Governor Rule in the state without any delay. The Panthers Party has been holding peaceful protests in J&K seeking intervention of the Union Government to impose Governor Rule in the national interest and the security of the state. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the situation has completely gone beyond the control of the state government since July 8, 2016 and there is no hope in the administration of J&K to revive the situation in the national interest and security of the state.

          The Secretariat of JKNPP has appealed to all political organizations and those who believe in peace and security of the state to appeal the Governor to impose Governor Rule and take over the administration  in the national interest without any delay.

          Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the people of the Valley particularly the youth and the students to join hands with the Panthers Party to ensure that peace is restored in the Valley and justice is delivered to everybody.

          Panthers Party demanded that use of pellets (lead bullets) be banned (stopped) forthwith by declaring it as unlawful and against the letter and spirit of principles of natural justice and human rights. Prof.Bhim Singh said that use of pellets is not only inhuman but a dangerous weapon which cannot be permissible in a civilized society that too India which has been an ocean of love and peace for thousands of years. The Panthers Party has also decided to move a petition before the Supreme Court of India for the total ban on the use of pellets/bullets/deadly weapons against the civil activists to punish them. Such methods were used by the Israeli army/police against the Palestinians and the entire world had condemned the use of pellets/lead bullets. This is utterly against the humanity and peace loving policy of Bharata.

JKNPP filed Writ Petition in Supreme Court seeking immediate dismissal of PDP-BJP Govt.

Jpetition-SC-Martial LawKNPP  through its National General Secretary,Shri B.S. Billowria, Advocate filed a Public Interest Litigation (Writ Petition) in the Supreme Court seeking immediate dismissal of the BJP-PDP government in J&K alleging total collapse of the J&K Govt. and for its utter failure to provide safety, security and protection to the residents of J&K in the entire Valley of Kashmir.The writ petition was mentioned by Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India before the Hon’ble Chief Justice, Mr. Justice T.S. Thakur this afternoon urging the court for immediate hearing in the interest of security, integrity and sovereignty of the nation, which has been threatened by the enemies of the country.

The matter may come up for hearing tomorrow on 22nd July, 2016. (Petition attached).petition-SC-Martial Law



Enraged over the fast deteriorating situation in J&K and failure of state govt. to restore law and order, scores of JKNPP activists today led by Harsh Dev Singh Chairman and Former Minister, Balwant Singh Mankotia State President and Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers held a massive demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi seeking imposition of Governor Rule in the State. The Panthers activists look out a procession and proceeded towards Parliament House but were stopped by the Police and restrained from proceeding further. The angry protestors raised slogans against state and central govt. and were addressed by several senior leaders of the party.

Expressing serious concern over the breakdown of Administrative and constitutional machinery in the State and attacks on Amar Nath Ji pilgrims, as well as police stations and security forces, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the prevailing situation in the state called for imposition of Governor rule under Section 92 of the Constitution of the state.

Addressing the media persons, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh lampooned the govt. for having failed to respond appropriately to the situation created in the wake of killing of Hizb Commander and the resultant turbulence witnessed in the Valley. He regretted that with over 40 people killed, more than 4000 injured and religious pilgrimage being assaulted, it was virtually a case of anarchy and lawlessness prevailing in Kashmir with no signs of government on the ground. He said that the Ministers who ought to have come out of their hiding and made themselves available to the civil society had deliriously shun their responsibility thus allowing the situation to further deteriorate.

Alleging total collapse of law and order with administration having lost control over the fast deteriorating situation, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the separatists, subversives and anti nationals had virtually taken control of the situation with repeated calls for extensions of violent protests. He said that most alarming was the disarming of the security personnel who were ordered by the BJP-PDP govt. not to use force despite the gravest provocations of the saboteurs or in spite of the violent attacks by them. He said that while use of disproportionate force was always condemnable, the security personnel could not be made fodder to highly violent and aggressive felons and could not be deprived of the right to self defense. He cautioned that the fast deteriorating situation had the potential to revert back to early nineties and said that the unholy alliance between the BJP and PDP was squarely responsible for the same.

Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia, while holding the appeasement Policy pursued by the incumbent govt. responsible for the prevalent crisis, Mr. Singh said that the govt. had taken several unsavoury decisions at the behest of separatists and others anti national forces which had emboldened such elements. He said that the decision taken for release of 634 stone-pelters reportedly linked to ISI and other terror outfits, consent for opening of Nepal route for return of militants, vacation of land from Army, refusal of Abhinav Gupt Yatra, denial of Sainik Colonies and KP Townships were all under the explicit dictates of separatists thus encouraging them to intensify their fissiparous tendencies. He said that non initiation of action against those waiving Pak flags and ISIS flags and showing disrespect to Indian Flag had emboldened the felons besides dampening morale of security forces.

Mr. Yash Paul Kundal regretted that the tale piece of the sordid state of affairs was the full support of the BJP to the Kashmir centric leadership in the highly egregious decisions which in effect amounted to compromising the national honour and security for the lust of power. While ridiculing the tall slogans of ‘zero tolerance’ against anti nationals given by BJP, he regretted that the saffron leaders had in fact displayed infinite tolerance only to retain the role of junior partner in the PDP govt. He said that it was high time that union govt. and state Governor acted to save the state from ruin and disaster.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Sardar Paramjit Singh Marshall, Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh, Mr. Naresh Kumar Sharma, Mr. Balbir Singh, Mr. Sudesh Gogi, Mr. Udayveer, Delhi Pradesh President, Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Romesh Khajuria, Ajit Singh, Ajay Raj, Swami Omji besides others.


hc-2Pak should break out from the mindset of improbity ,deceit and belligerence:Harsh

New Delhi, 19th July 2016:Admonishing Pakistan to refrain from its interference in the internal affairs of India, a strong contingent of Panthers party activists today staged a massive demonstration outside Pakistan High Commission, New Delhi which was spearheaded by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP, Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia State President JKNPP and Mr. Yashpal Kundal State President Young Panthers along with other leaders against  its overt and covert support to secessionists and terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. Accusing Pakistan for converting Kashmir into a vortex of violence, the ardent protestors carrying National flags raised pro-India and anti-Pak slogans. The activists amidst the heated exchanges had scuffle with the security personnel following which the heavily armed cops aggressively pounced upon the leaders, manhandled them and arrested and detained them in the Chanakyapuri Police Station. The activists after the release assembled at Tara Mandal Chanakyapuri where the Panthers leaders continued their protest and addressed the gathering. Similar protests were also held at Jammu, Udhampur, Samba and Kathua.

hc-1Addressing the gathering on the occasion at Tara Mandal, New Delhi, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh lambasted Pakistan for its pernicious designs in aiding and abetting militancy in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere in the country with utterly malevolent, baleful and ulterior motives. He castigated Pakistan for its highly malicious and mischievous designs in sponsoring militancy particularly in J&K and pushing in proselytized traitors to vitiate peace and harmony on our side of the borders. Castigating Pakistan for its terror training camps, its Hawala deals, its drug trafficking, its moral and material support to secessionism besides its highly rancorous propaganda in the print and electronic media, against India, Mr. Singh lamented that Pak’s notoriety had assumed alarming an unacceptable proportions. He said that recent statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif endorsing all kinds of support to the secessionists in Kashmir besides expressing sympathies with the slain militant Burhan Wani should be an eye opener for the international community. Mr. Singh disclosed that PM of Pakistan crossed all  the limits when he recently announced to observe July 19thas ‘Black Day’ in protest against the ongoing Kashmir turbulence while addressing a cabinet meeting at Lahore’s Governor House. He said that was the reason Panthers Party chose the same day to lodge its protest against Pakistan and caution the rogue state to desist from poking its nose in Indian matters. He further divulged that Pakistan’s terror manufacturing antecedents were known the world over and the recent venomous rants of Hafiz Sayeed against India had only unveiled Pakistan being a terror exporting state. Castigating the hostile neighbour for its highly dubious deals, Mr. Singh cautioned Pakistan to break out from the mindset of improbity, deceit and belligerence that it has embarked upon and to stop meddling in the affairs of J&K. He further called for vacation of Pak aggression from the occupied territories of J&K which are very much a part of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that Union Parliament had also passed a resolution in 1994 for liberating POJK as this same fell within the domain of Indian Union. Ridiculing the BJP over its muscle flexing while in opposition, he questioned the Saffron Party that where had its jingoism and chauvinism vanished despite Pak’s brazen support to the Separatism in Kashmir. He said that JKNPP was constrained to lodge a protest as the State government has miserably failed to control the situation in Kashmir besides BJP despite its tall harangues and rhetorical overtures had abdicated its responsibility of questioning the belligerent nation over its misadventures and violent posturing.

Mr. Balwant Singh Mankotia while condemning Pakistan for inciting violence and trouble in J&K called upon the international community to take cognizance of the utter hostility and belligerence of the neighbouring country. He said that Pakistan had created dozens of terror groups in the name of ‘Jehad’ who were resorting to violence and propagating secession and separatism. He said that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and no power on earth can change this fact. Warning Pakistan to desist from its highly mischievous and hostile conduct, Mr. Mankotia said that the Union Govt. must give a blunt message to Pakistan restraining it from indulging in day dreaming on the issue of J&K. He said that the Nation was eagerly awaiting the tough posturing against Pakistani misadventures as emphatically proclaimed by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi on scores of occasions. He said that it must be clear to all that the National security is the top most priority and no compromise on the same is acceptable in any situation.

Mr. Yashpal Kundal called upon Pakistan to rein-in its paid agents in J&K and refrain from any further misadventures in the interests of peace in South Asia. He further maintained that increase in the frequency of the cease fire violations besides proxy war launched in the State of J&K by Pakistan called for stern measures against the rogue nation by taking the world community into confidence.

Prominent leaders who were arrested and detained at Chanakyapuri Police Station included Delhi Pradesh President, Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Romesh Khajuria, Sardar Paramjit Singh Marshall,  Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh, Mr. Shyam Gorkha, Mr. Naresh Kumar Sharma, Mr. Balbir Singh, Mr. Ashok Chopra, Mr. Sudesh Gogi, Mr.Rajesh Kamal, Mr. Udayveer, Ajit Singh, Ajay Raj, Swami Omji, Mrs. Sudesh Dogra besides others.